How can an Esports agency help

Anyone over the age of forty in North America most likely grew up with video games, from playing Mario on Nintendo, Burger Time on Colecovision, or even Pacman on Atari. What you probably did not anticipate was the modern evolution into Esports—or even having an Esports agency.

What are esports?

Electronic Sports, more commonly known as esports, are a form of competitive video
game. These video game competitions are usually done as a multiplayer platform, but they can also be competed in by individuals. Like regular sports, there are tournaments that produce pro players or “gamers.” These tournaments are funded, and there are huge payouts for championships. In 2021, some of these players were earning over six million dollars a year. Esports events are geared for spectators; millions of people are watching people compete both virtually from their homes or gathered in an arena to cheer on their favorite player or teams. These Esports tournaments are a new market for an Esports agency.

Esports and influencers

The term “influencer” is a modern term, but it links back generations. An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing power or behavior of another person or group because of their authority or a relationship with their audience. Years ago, we would call them a hero or an idol. For those growing up watching hockey, Wayne Gretzky was such a person. People would buy clothes that looked like his and he was on the boxes of cereal to convince people to eat certain brands. Modern influencers are tied in with more online platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch, but, with social media, influencers reach more people than ever before. Esports players are considered major influencers because of the amount of people that they can reach through online media as well as their game play. These players are more available and are seen more than even other sports heroes due to their virtual conne