“Don’t dig your own pit”

But don’t enjoy your life by becoming a debtor to somebody.


Ofcourse in the modern world,there are many ways and means, which force you to become a debtor.

Attractive advertisements in the satellite TV force you to become a debtor.It tempt you to buy tand https://shakuryukou.com/  http://urzadzajzpasja.pl/he modern amenities at any


Even though if you don’t have any money or resources it show you many resources for obtaining credit to buy that


product.But you must think thousand times before becoming a debtor.

In today’s world credit is the easily available commodity.Numerous companies waiting to pull you in their trap.They are

competing severely to pull you in their trap.

But you must be careful to entangle in that trap.

In spite of this caution if you are prepared to enjoy,then you won’t get any pleasure,but you will lose your peace of mind.


Let us discuss about the common desire of everybody.It is natural that every body wants to have their own house.It is a

reasonable desire.

But the desire can be attained if you have enough money on your own to buy the house.

If you are an executive working in a company what will you think.

You will ready to apply for some loan and buy that house.Alright you have decided and applied for a loan also and the

loan has also been sanctioned.